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The origin, tectono-magmatic evolution and economic potential of rare earth elements-enriched alkaline complexes from the north-east of Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex (Turkey)
Project Coordinator / 2022

Cross-cutting relationship between carbonatite and syenite

Detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology and Lu-Hf isotope systematics combined with Ar-Ar ages and whole rock geochemistry of the metasedimentary rocks from the basement units in the Central Pontides (N Turkey)
Project Coordinator / 2019

Devrekani Metamorphics (Central Pontides-Turkey)

Petrological characteristics of the carbonatites and associated alkaline complexes from worldwide sources
University of Notre Dame
Researcher / 2018

Hydrothermally metasomatized limestone and Fluorite samples from the Kuluncak/Malatya (Turkey)

The Petrology and Geodynamic Importance of the Meta-Magmatic Rocks within the Çangaldağ Complex (Central Pontides)
Researcher / 2015

Çangaldağ Metamorphic Complex 

(Central Pontides / Kastamonu-Turkey)

The New Mid-Late Paleozoic Volcanism in the Eastern Taurides: Implications for the Geodynamic Evolution of the Anatolide-Tauride Terrane
METU-OYP Project
Researcher / 2015 


A strange sandstone body between Famennian and Tournaisian Boundary 

(Eastern Taurides / Develi-Kayseri-Turkey)

The Petrology of the Ovacık and Pülümür Ophiolitic Zones (OPOZ) : Importance for the Geodynamic Evolution of the Neotethyan Ocean
Munzur University-MFTUB013-09
Researcher / 2014


A thrust contact between Tunceli Ophiolite and Munzur Platform

(Eastern part of the Ankara-Erzincan-Sevan-Akera Suture Belt / Tunceli-Turkey)

Environmental Effects of the Hasangazi Chromite Pit (Pülümür, Tunceli / Turkey)
Tunceli University-YLTUB011-13
Researcher / 2013


Hasangazi Chromite Pit  (Pülümür-Tunceli-Turkey)

The Scientific Investigation and Determination of Economic Potential of Oil Shales around (Hatıldağ) Bolu-Göynük-Turkey 
General Directorate of Turkish Coal – Ankara University - Joint Project
Researcher / 2012


Oil Shale Beds (Göynük-Bolu-Turkey)

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